Shaun in the City is a truly wonderful charity that supports the vital work of the Bristol Children’s Hospital and gave me the perfect excuse to explore my favourite city on the planet – Bristol.

We must have walked over 15 miles around Bristol on a sunny Saturday, following specifically designed trails that led everywhere. The trails led me to places in the city that I would never have traveled to and all the while finding some beautifully decorated Shaun’s that, when sold at auction, help considerably with the work of an essential hospital.

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BUT…Just before all of the Shaun’s are sold off to make their way around the world, there’s one final farewell – the “Big Sheep Roundup“.

All of the Shaun’s are brought together for one big exhibition, giving everyone who enjoyed the trails, one last chance to see them all again or (as in my case) catch the few that you missed!

I took it one step further though. I snapped all 120 Shaun’s and arranged them into one big collage to enjoy 🙂