7th September 2015

The Eternal City blesses you with beautiful weather, history and architecture – but this wasn’t a photography trip for me by any means. Everything you see here was shot on my iPhone, something which has unashamedly become an invaluable tool in capturing life as it happens, rather than around planned excursions.

Rome is a city awash with terracotta stone, brushed cobbles, deep blue skies, dark green plants and splashes of colour everywhere you look.

Sunset Over RomeThe Collosseum, RomeThe Spnish Steps, RomeObelisco Della MinervaItalian Flag, Altare Della PatriaThe Pyramid Of Cestius, RomeThe Pantheon, RomeClouds Over RomeThe Vatican Museums, Vatican CityVatican Museums, Vatican CitySalotto Monti Terrazza, RomeSalotto Monti, RomaSt Peters Square, Vatican City