Where else do you get the chance to stand inches from Hawks, Falcons, Vultures and Owls?

When we headed to The International Centre for Birds of Prey, which is about 10 mins drive from home, I wasn’t expecting such rich opportunities for getting close up with such beautiful birds. I was initially attracted by the flying displays ran by professional falconers, which would give me the chance to practice some in flight shooting. The displays were miraculous – the agility and speed the birds reach were like nothing I’ve seen before, and this meant it was very difficult to keep up during the majority of the displays.

What really surprised me through were the birds on perches. Sounds less spectacular, I know – but they were so very calm with a big lens poking in their face and even managed a few flaps of their wings for the camera.

Will I be heading back? As soon as I’ve figured out how to track a Peregrine Falcon at full speed. Just joking, I’ll be back very soon!